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The Asian Journal of Comparative Law (AsJCL)

The Asian Journal of Comparative Law (AsJCL) is the leading forum for research and discussion of the law and legal systems of Asia. It embraces work that is theoretical, empirical, socio-legal, doctrinal or comparative that relates to one or more Asian legal systems, AsJCL is an initiative of the Asian Law Institute (ASLI), and is published by Cambridge University Press.

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ASLI Working Paper Series

It is intended as a forum to publish the working papers of academics writing on Asian law or related matters. The primary contributions are envisaged to be from the visitors under the ASLI Fellowship Programme as well as from selected papers presented at the annual ASLI conferences. The Working Paper Series is open to academics writing on issues relevant to ASLI and would like a forum to present their ideas for feedback. While the Working Paper Series is not formally refereed, the submitted papers should be of high academic quality and will undergo an informal review to maintain standards. The ASLI Working Paper Series does not preclude contributors from subsequently submitting their revised working papers to a refereed journal; indeed, this is encouraged. Contributors should check with the journals to which they intend to submit their work whether the journal has any policy on accepting works that have been published as working papers.

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