Flagship Events

ASLI’s mainstay is the events it organizes, supports or sponsors. These events are the mechanisms by which ASLI member institutions and individual academics can come together to networking and building a community of scholars while sharing their research ideas and developing collaborative projects. ASLI has three flagship events which are all geared towards facilitating high quality collaborative research.

The Fellowship programme allows academics from ASLI member institutions to free themselves from their teaching and administrative responsibilities and spend uninterrupted time at the NUS Law School to work on their research projects. The Annual Conference held in May each year brings together Asian law experts from around the world to share ideas and network.

These conferences are usually based around a theme and many of the papers presented are subsequently published. The Research Symposia are designed to support focused research projects that will produce scholarly publications, usually by way of a book or a series of papers. Apart from its flagship events, ASLI also sponsors and supports related conferences and workshops or research projects proposed by its members.

Your ideas and support are vital to the success of these events and academics are invited to come up with proposals for conferences or research projects.

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