Research Symposiums

In addition to the annual conferences, ASLI is also keen to support smaller symposia/conferences/workshops which are designed to produce scholarly output by way of, inter alia, a monograph, an edited volume of essays or collection of papers published as a special issue of a journal. These events should typically be organized around a focused research question or theme.

The principal investigators should have a clear idea of the project and ensure that all the papers link together thematically so that the research question can be explored in depth and from a variety of perspectives. The organizers should identify 10‐15 experts to write and present the various papers which will form the chapters of a book or related papers for a special issue of a journal. At this stage, ASLI is not in a position to provide funding for such events but will promote them and help organizers access experts through our database. Events that are organized at NUS may receive administrative support from the ASLI secretariat. ASLI encourages all member institutions to generously support such events at their respective schools.