The 13th Annual ASLI Conference 2016 was hosted by Peking University Law School, with "Asian Perspectives on Legal Globalization" as its theme. The conference was held between May 18-20 2016 on the PKU campus, beginning with the ASLI BOG (Board of Governors) meeting on May 18, and the International Academic Conference taking place over the following two days from May 19 to 20. The 13th Annual ASLI Conference brought together 125 attendees including 100 panel presenters across 22 member institution countries.

The key visual of the Conference is the Chinese character "合". The character indicates that the legal globalization calls for Asia and even worldwide cooperation. Meanwhile, the character visual is composed of four pictorial English letters "A" "S" "L" "I" with different colours, representing members of Asian Law Institute with different backgrounds from all over Asia that communicates and cooperate with each other to the fullest, and jointly interpret the Asian perspective and grant Asia a larger voice in the process of legal globalization.

On the morning of May 18, the Opening Ceremony began with the welcome speech of PKU Law Dean Professor Zhang Shouwen. Being the faculty members' and students' representative of PKU Law, the host of the 13th Annual ASLI Conference, he gave his heartfelt welcome to all the attendees. In addition, Professor Zhang Shouwen gave great thanks to Asian Law Institute (ASLI) for building a platform for legal cooperation and communication with Asian countries.

Subsequently, the Executive Vice President of PKU, Professor Wu Zhipan, Chairman of the Asian Law Institute Board of Governors and Dean of the University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Law, Professor Michael Hor, Director of Asian Law Institute and National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law Associate Professor Gary F. Bell, Vice President of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Professor Luo Haocai gave their speeches successively.

The Honorable Vice President of the Supreme People's Court of the People’s Republic of China Justice Jiang Bixin delivered the keynote speech for the Conference this year. Jiang Bixin pointed out that it is of vital importance to reduce and avoid global legal conflicts, which do require all the countries to strengthen communication and exchange. He also advocated his ideas on the method to further promote and perfect the administrative rule of law through administrative litigation.

Throughout the two-day Conference, parallel sessions on different field of law were held, including corporate, family, public and international law. Other topics for discussion legal education in Asia, judicial reform under the challenge of globalization and cultural heritage were also discussed..

On the morning of May 20, Peking University Law School Chair Professor Zhu Suli delivered a distinguished lecture on the theme "Rule of law of China and Chinese legal education". After another round of successful parallel sessions, the Conference came to a successful conclusion with Vice Dean Professor Wang Xixin delivering the closing remark.

PKU Law School has always been standing at the forefront of China's legal education for over a century. It is a great honour for PKU Law School having the opportunity to support such a platform that facilitates and structure sharing knowledge and experiences, the development of theories and ideas, and help to government and policy makers to strengthen their governance through information and examples. The School will continuously strive its best to contribute to the legal development and promoting rule of law in the Asian region.

Last but not least, PKU Law wishes the 14th ASLI Conference held in Manila, Philippines next year hosted by The University of Philippines College of Law a great success!