Dean's Message

Dr Pareena Srivanit

Dear Distinguished Scholars,

The 21st Annual Conference of the Asian Law Institute (ASLI) will be a milestone in the history of our organization, and we welcome you to join us. The event will take place in Bangkok at Chulalongkorn University’s Faculty of Law, May 29-30, 2024.

ASLI was founded in 2003 with the key objective of encouraging cooperation among law faculties in the development of Asian law. Chulalongkorn hosted the first ASLI conference outside Singapore, and each founding member took a turn in the following years. With the upcoming conference, a new circle begins. We are excited to serve as the site for scholars to envision “the Future of Law, the Future of Asia.” With participants coming from across and beyond Asia, the conference will offer a confluence of global and local perspectives.

The advancement of artificial intelligence and technology creates challenges for the law, even as it provides opportunities for enhanced quality of life. Innovation never stands still, but the law stands for a balance of stability and change. Legal systems have to find ways of upholding societal values without stifling progress in science and the arts.

The ASLI conference will be an opportune time to take stock of what we have learned from the past and how it informs our understanding of the present. With that as a base, we can peer into the future and consider various approaches to shaping law in a technology-driven world. Hence, the theme of the upcoming conference: the Future of Law, the Future of Asia.

Bangkok is itself a microcosm of Asia. You’ll find food, fashion, and cultural influences of our neighbors almost everywhere you turn. Of course, all this exists within the context of Thai society. There’s a reason Bangkok often ranks as the world’s most visited city. Actually—countless reasons. Please come discover as many as you can!

All of us at the Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University, look forward to greeting you in Thailand in 2024.

Assistant Professor Dr.Pareena Srivanit
Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University

Important Deadlines at a Glance
Submission of Abstracts
15 November 2023, Wednesday
You will be notified in January 2024 on the status of your submission.
Deadline for Early Bird Registration and Payment
20 February 2024, Tuesday
Closing date for Registration and Payment
15 March 2024, Friday
Submission of Completed Paper
30 April 2024, Tuesday
Wednesday 29 & Thursday 30 May 2024

IMPORTANT: Early submission is highly recommended.
Hosted by:
Chulalongkorn University
Asian Law Institute